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We're proud to say that more than 1 000 000 web developers and designers are using MDB to make their projects look and feel great.

In last couple of months:

  • MDB Downloads increased by 39%
  • We were ranked as an 592 website on the world by the Similarweb software category ranking
  • We were honored by the University of Warsaw with the title of the Startup of 2018
  • Our GitHub Repository skyrocketed reaching almost 6200 stars
  • We got feedback from our users saying that MDB helped them decrease their work time even by 80%

MDB is free for commercial and personal use. Check out the UI Kit trusted by 1 000 000 users:

Trust and recognition

We also provide an extended premium version of our UI Kit. Some of the most well-known institutions, like NASA and Harvard Business School, already trusted our solutions, along with the companies such as:

Check out solutions trusted by the biggest corporations on the world:

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