Bootstrap 5 Dummy plugin

Dummy plugin creates placeholder content for accelerated building and testing your frontend templates.

Responsive Dummy plugin built with the latest Bootstrap 5. Plenty of implementation examples such as images, lists, tables, and much more.

Note: Read the API tab to find all available options and advanced customization

Create Dummy component for an element by adding class dummy to it. Depending on the base element, different Dummies will be created. For most of the HTML tags default Dummy is Text.

To explicitly create specific Dummy add proper data-mdb- attribute to element with dummy class


Create Dummy Text by adding data-mdb-dummy-text to element. To create text with custom length add value of desired length to the attribute. Change text color with data-mdb-text-color attribute.

Implicitly generated text:
Explicitly generated text with 40 characters length:
Text with custom color:


Create Dummy Image by adding data-mdb-dummy-img to element.


By default Dummy Image is created with size 150x150px and grey background


Change Dummy Image size with data-mdb-dummy-img="width value, height value". Height value is optional, when omitted square image will be created.

Make Dummy Image inherit full size of its container with data-mdb-dummy-img="100%,100%".

Note: It will only work with container having explicitly set width and height.

Setting data-mdb-dummy-img="100%" will create square image with width and height of its container width


Add text to Dummy Image with data-mdb-dummy-img-text attribute. Pass any value to attrtibute to set your own text or leave empty to create Dummy Text inside image. Set length of Dummy Text with data-mdb-dummy-text-length="text length value"


Set image background color with data-mdb-color and text color with data-mdb-dummy-text-color. Dummy Image only accepts the color values in hex


Create Dummy List by adding data-mdb-dummy-list to ul or ol element.


By default Dummy List will create list with 5 Dummy Text elements


    Change Dummy List length with data-mdb-dummy-list="length value" and length of Dummy Text element with data-mdb-text-length="text length value".


      Create Dummy Table by adding data-mdb-dummy-table to table element.


      By default Dummy Table will create table with 5 rows and 5 columns.


      Change Dummy Table rows and columns size with data-mdb-dummy-table="rows length value, columns length value". Change length of default Dummy Text with data-mdb-text-length="text length value"


      Create a Dummy Copy of any existign element with data-mdb-dummy-copy="existing element selector"

      Original element

      Card title

      Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

      Dummy Copy element


      Dummy Repeat will repeat element on which data-mdb-dummy-repeat="number of repetitions" was invoked.

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      Any content inside Dummy Repeat can be created from Dummy elements.


      Dummy Template will create single Dummy element or a whole template from the tag elements passed as string into data-mdb-dummy-template.


      By default Dummy Template will create a template of h1,p,table,h2,p,form,blockquote,img,ul tags.


      Combine Dummy Template with other Dummy elements and MDBootstrap components to create layouts in no time!


      Dummy - API


      Add dummy class to any of HTML tags to initiate Dummy on this element. If no options are passed, Dummy element based on tag element will be created.

      Via data attributes

              <div class="dummy"></div>

      Via JavaScript

              const dummyElement = document.getElementById('dummy-element');
              new Dummy(dummyElement);

      Via jQuery

      Note: By default, MDB does not include jQuery and you have to add it to the project on your own.



      Options can be passed via data attributes, JavaScript, or jQuery. For data attributes, append the option name to data-mdb-, as in data-mdb-dummy-text="20". Each option can be passed with value or null. Passing null will cause element to use default options.

      Name Type Default Description
      dummyText Null / Number 20 Creates Dummy Text of given length on element.
      dummyImg Null / String '150' Creates Dummy Img of given size.
      dummyList Null / Number 5 Creates Dummy List with given number of list elements
      dummyTable Null / String '5,5' Creates Dummy Table with given rows and cols number
      dummyCopy Null / String Creates copy of element based on given selector
      dummyRepeat Null / Number 1 Creates given number of copies of element to which dummyRepeat was attached. Allows to repeat elements created by other Dummy methods.
      dummyTemplate Null / String 'h1,p,table,h2,p, form,blockquote,img,ul' Creates template from given string of HTML tag elements
      dummyColor Null / String Defines color of Dummy Image background. Allows colours only in hex format
      dummyTextColor Null / String Defines color of Dummy Text
      dummyImgText Null / String Defines text of Dummy Text inside Dummy Image
      dummyTextLength Null / String Defines length of the text in text based Dummy elements


      Name Parameters Description Example
      dispose Disposes a Dummy instance. instance.dispose()
      init Initializes dummy for dynamically added element. instance.init()
      getInstance element Static method which allows to get the dummy instance associated with a DOM element. Dummy.getInstance(dummyElement)
              const dummyElement = document.getElementById('dummy-element');
              const instance = Dummy.getInstance(dummyElement);


      Name Description


      MDB UI KIT also works with module bundlers. Use the following code to import this component:

              import Dummy from 'mdb-dummy';