BrandFlow Affiliate Program

Common affiliation with uncommon profits.

Enable your customers with the most advanced marketing automation mechanism

and get monthly benefit from BrandFlow affiliate program.

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How does it work?


Apply by sending a message to us at, once we will validate your request, you will be added to our partner's list.

Spread the Word

Once we will launch final application version, we will generate a link for you. You may put it wherever you want - your website, online shop or even on your social media channels. It's up to you.

Get paid

Help others find our service and earn x% commissions. You'll be paid monthly for all accounts you've referred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for responses to frequently asked questions.

Yes!When someone you refer to us orders an account, you'll earn 30% not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments they make.

That's why our cookies keep your leads up to 180 days, so there's no rush in the process.
We are aiming to release them by end of 08.2017.
If you want to help us, the best you can do is to actively use BrandFlow and give us your feedback. You can also request to be part of beta-testers community and get access to new features before we release them to wider audience.

Write to us

Start by contacting us. Wirte who you are and what you do. We will provide you then a special account and dashboard for affiliate partner.