Angular or React? React or Vue? Vue vs Angular?

Which technology is for you? What features do you need? Angular 7, React 16 & Vue 2 are the most popular JavaScript libraries in the world in 2019. Which one should you choose?

Quick Comparison

Angular v. 10

  • 46,770 stars

  • Scalable, advanced apps

  • Created by Google

Used by

Airbnb logo Uber logo Twitter logo Google logo

React v. 16

  • 126,378 stars

  • Fast, light-weight apps

  • Created by Facebook

Used by

Airbnb logo Uber logo Twitter logo Google logo

Vue v. 2

  • 134,305 stars

  • Intuitive coding, ligh-weight apps

  • Created by Evan You

Used by

Airbnb logo Uber logo Twitter logo Google logo

See the detailed report for further information on trends & data.

What should you learn?

We've prepared 3 quick tutorials . Each of them will guide you step by step, into creating a simple Agenda App.

The best way to establish your preference is trying to build a project in Angular, React & Vue for yourself!

Every tutorial will introduce you to a different technology covering its basic concepts, features and syntax. Eventually you'll end up with 3 apps that look identically and an understanding of their underlying mechanisms.

You'll be prepared to make an informed decision about the future of your growth.

App behavior

Start now!

If you truly want to learn web development you have to stop making excuses!

The longer you hesitate with your decision, the more time and energy you'll eventually waste. No more googling the differences, no more pondering - see Angular, React and Vue in action and experience the difference for yourself.

What then?

After testing all libraries make sure to let the community know which one is the best for you!

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