WordPress Theme Development Tutorial - Environment & Theme

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial - Environment & Theme

In this tutorial we will learn how to setup the environment required for WordPress installation on your local computer. Once we do that we will install WordPress instance locally and finally - create our theme foundation.

Set up the environment

Install PHP + MySQL + WordPress

In a following video you will learn how to install PHP and MySQL using XAMP. Afterwards we will crate new instance of WordPress.

Video tutorial:

Crate WordPress theme

Once we have WordPress up and running locally we can create new theme. You can either create empty starter (without any CSS nor JS) or use predefined start which comes with preinstalled MDB package.

In this section we will show you how to easily create WordPress theme with single command. (At the bottom of the page we will also show you two alternative ways to create an empty theme):

2.1 MDB WordPress Theme Starter (via CLI)

Video tutorial:

Next lesson

Now you we can start building our first WordPress Blog. Click here to watch next lesson.

Note: Below you will find some extra optional content.

Appendix: Crate WordPress theme (optional methods)

1. Empty WordPress Theme (using CLI)

Video tutorial:

2. Empty WordPress Theme (craeted manually)

Video tutorial: