MDB Angular Visual Studio Snippets

Add visual studio code snippets for MDB Angular Bootstrap UI KIT to your code editor and boost your coding productivity.


Step 1: Launch Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Marketplace

Step 2: Go to extensions tab - Ctrl-Shift-X (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-Shift-X (OSX)

Step 3: Search for 'MDB Angular Snippets'

Step 4: Choose the extension

Step 5: Install extension and reload Visual Studio Code


Type part of snippet selector and press enter.

Alternatively, press Ctrl+Space (Windows, Linux) or Cmd+Space (Mac OS) to display snippets list.

snippets usage

Here you can find list of available HTML snippets below:

Snippets Description
a-mdb-button MDB Button component
a-mdb-card MDB Card component
a-mdb-dropdown-default MDB Dropdown component (default version)
a-mdb-dropdown-material MDB Dropdown component (material version)
a-mdb-jumbotron MDB Jumbotron component
a-mdb-list-group MDB List group component
a-mdb-spinner MDB Spinner component (default version)
a-mdb-spinner-material MDB Spinner component (material version)
a-mdb-panel MDB Panel component
a-mdb-pagination MDB Pagination component
a-mdb-progress MDB Progress component (default version)
a-mdb-progress-material MDB Progress component (material version)
a-mdb-tabset MDB Tabset component
a-mdb-tab MDB Tab component
a-mdb-badge MDB Badge component
a-mdb-accordion MDB Accordion component
a-mdb-accordion-item MDB Accordion item component
a-mdb-collapse MDB Collapse component
a-mdb-basic-footer MDB Footer component (basic version)
a-mdb-hamburger-menu MDB Hamburger menu component
a-mdb-navs MDB Navs component
a-mdb-navbar-basic MDB Navbar component (basic version)
a-mdb-sidenav-basic MDB Sidenav component (basic version)
a-mdb-input MDB Input component
a-mdb-select MDB Select component
a-mdb-multiselect MDB Multiselect component
a-mdb-search MDB Search component
a-mdb-slider-default MDB Slider component (default version)
a-mdb-slider-material MDB Slider component (material version)
a-mdb-switch-material MDB Switch component (material version)
a-mdb-switch-material MDB Switch component (material version)
a-mdb-textarea MDB Textarea component
a-mdb-time-picker MDB Time picker component
a-mdb-modal-basic MDB Modal basic component
a-mdb-modal-cookies MDB Modal cookies component

Why is it so great?


Boost efficiency of your coding time, easily generate a code of specific component.


Available for a huge number of component to use directly in your HTML code editor.


Reduce repetitive statements and can reduce overuse injuries with your hands.




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