Giving thanks is simple...

That's why from this point, up to Thanksgiving we'll be thanking you for a different thing every day.

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Thank you for:

  • Your support

    Day 1

    Every time we launch a project we get a wave of support and advice. Our users do a great job spreading the word about our tools, tutorials and everything else we do. Our GitHub repository skyrocketed and is getting more attention and contributions day by day. We're truly thankful for that!

  • Your creativity

    Day 2

    We're proud of the components and features we create ourselves. But we're even more proud of the UI designed by our users! There are dozens of new snippets and creative ideas added to the Snippet platform every day.

    Browse snippets
  • Tutorial ratings!

    Sample image with waves effect.

    Day 3

    Some time ago we implemented a five-star rating functionality in our tutorials. Our users were enabled to cast their votes and leave their opinons on every lesson in every course. The quality of the tutorials has been rising like crazy since then!

    View & rate tutorials
  • Helping out

    Day 4

    In 2019 we launched 3 Early Access programs. Thanks to this initiative our users are able to access new solutions for free before their commercial release, and we get a lot of helpful issue reports and feedback.

    Check out the programs for yourself!

    Drag & Drop Builder Angular Mobile Kit Vue Mobile Kit
  • Honest feedback

    Day 5

    There's no rose without a thorn and no code without a bug.

    Luckily, thanks to the active community on our support forum, issues get reported right away, and most of them are resolved within 12 hours.

    Visit forum
  • Sharing knowledge

    Day 6

    Our users are helping us create great content. Not only by improving our tutorials with their feedback, but also sharing their own knowledge!

  • Your trust

    Day 7

    Thanks to your trust and testimonials of great experiance, MDB Pro became one of the most popular UI Kits on the world. Today our premium Kit is used by hundreds of organizations & corporations inluding NASA, Harvard, IKEA, Sony, Samsung, Amazon and more!

  • Contributions

    Day 8

    MDB is a community-driven platform, and our users help us strive for perfection on every step. Almost every page, paragraph, sentence, word or even a single letter on can be corrected or improved directly by our users. Thanks for your adjustments!

  • Motivation

    Day 9

    Nothing motivates us more than your engagement. Thanks to your encouragement we've been able to create tools that we're really proud of, including MDB, plugins, templates, and lately Design Blocks - the newest feature long awaited and warmly received by MDB community.

    See design blocks
  • 1 500 000+ users

    Day 10

    Every day we strive to make web development faster, more efficient and easier to practice and we simply couldn't do it without the feedback and support of our users, you're the best.

Come back for more thanks tomorrow!