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Premium Access can be canceled any time without losing the rights to use the UI Kit itself.

Everything made within its period stays with you forever. F.e. you can use design blocks downloaded from Premium Snippets platform even after your Premium Access expires.

Subscription is available as a special offer. You can cancel at any time

Packages included: bootstrap logoMDB 4 Vue & vue logo MDB 5 Vue

Single use

$ 199

    Usage for 1 domain/app:

  1. Premium components


$ 279 $ 99

    Lifetime & unlimited usage of:

  1. Premium components

+ a year of Premium Access:

  1. Unlimited updates
  2. Git repository
  3. npm installation
  4. Code examples
  5. Premium snippets
  6. Premium support


$ 549 $ 195

    Lifetime & unlimited usage of:

  1. Premium components
  2. Plugins
  3. Templates

+ a year of Premium Access:

  1. Unlimited updates
  2. Git repository
  3. npm installation
  4. Code examples
  5. Premium snippets
  6. Priority support
  7. LAB access


$ 2049 $ 585

  1. Advanced bootstrap logo Standard
  2. Advanced bootstrap logo jQuery
  3. Advanced bootstrap logo Angular
  4. Advanced bootstrap logo React
  5. Advanced bootstrap logo Vue

Team packs contain everything from the Advanced tier

3 users

$ 1149 $ 395

4 users

$ 999 $ 495

5 users

$ 999 $ 599

More users? More versions?

Custom offer
BULK discounts

With TEAM bundles you get huge price reductions for licenses. The more developers - the greater the discount.

Git access management

Easily assign & control their access via GitLab.

License recycling

With TEAM packages you can control and re-assign licenses to new members of your team.

Premium support & maintenance

12 months of support & maintenance features are included in your first purchase. If you still need them after this period you can renew subscription in order to keep it going.

Lifetime usage

Cancel at any time without losing the license to use premium components. The subscription in only for support & maintenance. Keep building new projects even after you cancel.

Unlimited updates

You will have access to all updates released during your subscription - fixes, minor and even the major ones. After that you can still access the latest version released within this time window.

Discount for first purchase

Discounts available exclusively on this sale will apply only to your first purchase. You don't need to make any other purchases but if you do - discounts won't apply.

Frequently asked questions

No, you don't have to renew and you can keep using what you have forever.

A yearly payment covers only the Premium Access features.

The most important one of them is "Updates" because we are regularly adding a tone of cool stuff to the package, but instead of releasing new products every month we chose to make all of the new components, plugins & features compatible with each other and pour all of the energy into a single high-quality product.

Remember that 12 months of Premium Access is included in your first purchase but if you still need Updates, Premium Support or any other features you can renew your subscription and you will keep getting them.

For some projects the initial 12 months is enough. Developers of bigger & more complex projects usually appreciate the option to keep extending their technical support.

Yes, you can keep using them forever.

Subscription covers only the Premium Access features.

Since you won't receive updates you will have to use the components in the latest version that was available in your account, f.e. if you cancel your subscription in May and we release a new DatePicker style in June, you won't have access to the latest style but the previous one will keep working with your package.

Yes, you can keep using them forever.

Subscription covers only the Premium Access features.

Since you won't have access to premium snippets platform where they are hosted you will no longer be able to download more content but the ones that you already downloaded will stay with you forever.

With Single Use license, you can use MDB PRO in 1 project only.

1 project is a single domain or a single application.

You can have multiple subdomains.

Important: Single Use license is meant mostly for static pages and simple projects so you won't receive any professional support.

Yes you will receive a discount.

If you had any of the previous MDB products you will receive a high discount for existing customers.

If you don't see your discount next to the pricing please make sure that you are logged in to your PRO account. If after login you still don't see it, please contact us.

With Priority Support your tickets will be solved first.

It's exactly what it sounds like - your issues are prioritized before the other ones.

Priority Support is included in the Advanced & Bundle tiers, as well as in all of the team packages.

This FAQ is dedicated to questions regarding the licensing.

Check out our General FAQ and if you don't find your answers there please open a ticket on our support forum.

Didn't find your answer in the FAQ - Contact our sales team.

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