Premium Support Agreement

The Professional Services department of StartupFlow S.C., (MDB) provides an array of support for MDB products. Product support is provided from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Warsaw Time (GMT +1), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The preferred method for submitting a product support incident is through the support website. Incidents logged through the support website receive priority placement in the queue with the exclusion of emergency incidents. The support website can be accessed at

If access to the support website is not available, incidents can be submitted by emailing

The support website should be used whenever possible to research solutions, obtain documentation, submit an incident and communicate on existing incidents.

Premium support is available for all customers with an active premium support subscription. Detailed price is available on the following website:


Product Support is an included service for customers with a current maintenance agreement for their MDB products. Product Support provides assistance in using MDB products but does not include IT services (like customization or custom product/component builds), business analysis, individual training or consulting, nor accounting and bookkeeping services.

While it is impossible to detail all of the support services offered through Product Support, you can expect the following types of assistance with your MDB products:

  • Assistance using general product functions
  • Analysis and interpretation of product error messages
  • Assistance in identifying product issues
  • Provide technical data, workarounds, and patches
  • Will submit product issues and enhancement requests to MDB engineers
  • Assistance in version upgrades of the MDB product

1.1 Product Support Limitations

  • Product Support is only for MDB products. This agreement does not provide support for customer servers/networks, computer operating systems, or other third-party software not provided by MDB unless specifically outlined in the license agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, configuring and maintaining backups of any data and software installed on the customer’s server(s); this is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Product Support is only provided for products when used on hardware and operating system versions that meet the documented minimum hardware and software requirements.
  • Product Support does not include in-depth training for existing or new employees or any application consulting. Product Support provides answers to simple how-to questions related to the products and will provide limited information regarding standard industry processes. Product Support cannot answer questions such as “What’s the best approach to create a website?” or “How to implement backend part of our application?”.
  • Product Support does not include assistance in identifying, solving or reconciling general issues that are not directly the result of problems with the MDB products.
  • Product Support may limit the time spent on product usage questions to 15 minutes providing the questions could be answered by having the user attend a relevant MDB training course or if documentation addressing the question is available.
  • Product Support assistance with MDB product upgrades is provided Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Warsaw Time (GMT +1) excluding holidays.
  • Product Support only supports techniques and workarounds provided by MDB. MDB cannot guarantee that workarounds will not cause other problems nor will MDB support workarounds that resolve problems other than the ones for which they were specifically developed.

1.2   Submit an incident through the support web site

To submit a new incident to technical product support, go to the support web site available through . Provide sufficient detail to allow product support to reproduce the problem and include all necessary attachments. Incidents logged through the support website are automatically placed into the support queue and will be resolved according to their priority level and the order in which it was received.

1.3   Response time

MDB will commence work on resolving the deficiency within one (1) business day of notification and will engage staff during business hours until an acceptable resolution is achieved

The response time goals are based upon published standard support hours. The support team will make every effort to meet response time goals in every case; however, due to the unpredictability of call volume support makes no direct or implied guarantee regarding response times.

1.4 Incident resolution time

After an incident has been submitted, product support will continue to work with you, keep you updated regarding the progress via the support website, and strive to resolve the incident in a timely manner that minimizes the impact on your organization. Due to the unique nature of many of the incidents product support may receive it is not always possible to provide a specific amount of time that it will take to resolve a specific problem.

1.6.3 Incident resolution

When your incident is resolved product support will close your case and send out an email from our support website indicating the resolution. Incidents may be closed with a variety of different resolutions and the primary resolutions are described as follows: Technical information on a particular feature or function or documentation will be provided An alternate procedure (workaround) will be provided Formal enhancement request to the engineering department will be submitted (enhancement requests are analyzed and prioritized for resolution in future software releases; submission of an enhancement request does not guarantee when it will be incorporated) Incidents for time-sensitive, critical issues will be escalated


  1. MDB shall not be obliged to provide support hereunder:
    1. if the Software shall not have been properly used or installed in conjunction with the Customer’s Computer System in accordance with the documentation.
    2. if the Software shall have been modified in any way without the prior written consent of the Supplier or shall not be in the same form as supplied by the Supplier.
    3. if the Customer shall be in breach of any other Agreement entered into in respect of the Software.
  2. The support service shall not include:
    1. installation of the Software or updates thereof on the Customer’s Computer System.
    2. releases of the Software other than the current and previous releases except that all releases will be supported for a minimum period of 6 calendar months.
    3. support to any person other than the Designated Support Centre.
  1. Product support does not provide any technical support for third-party integrations written by customers or other vendors unless specifically contracted.
  2. Product support does not provide any technical support for third-party libraries used along MDB (like WOW, Bootstrap, jQuery).