MDB Slack Community


We're happy to have you here!

We at MDB strongly believe in users participation in our projects and work.
That's why we offer you a place, where you can freely exchange your thoughts and ideas about our tools and coding in general.
So feel free to join our evergrowing MDB Slack community and enjoy common experience of creativty fueled by each member!

Please remember that this Slack channel is not a replacement for our normal support forum or documentation.
In case of any technical issues please post your issue on the support forum where you'll receive help from our developers
For any other product-related queries check out our contact page

This is a place for community!

for meeting people
for sharing projects
for sharing resources
for discussing ideas
for talking news
and having fun!
If you're new to check out the guide to get started.

What should you do after joining in?

1 Don't be shy & introduce yourself to the community on the #general channel!
2 Have a look a the channel list - if you don't find the topic you're looking for let us know on #channel-requests
3 Create your first snippet and share it with the community to get feedback and your first wave of 🐗🐗🐗
4 Have fun and engage the community in the discussion!

Quick intro to community culture

- 🐗 = respect
- create your snippets on our Snippet Platform
- most people here work with jQuery, Angular, React or Vue but feel free to discuss any front-end & coding related topics
- we like funny memes & programming puns
- Be respectful, and if someone makes you uncomfortable, let us know!

That's all for now, have a great time!

Join now!