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2020.03.31 20:00 GMT+2

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Who are we?

Frontend? Backend? Or Full-stack? You heard that names but you still doesn't understand what they actually mean? We are here to help you.

As MDB, we have created a software used by more than 1,5 million of users. We also create tutorials which helped thousands people to become a software developer.

This week we are starting new live webinars which will help you to understand what are the differences and how you should start. We will also teach you all necessary skills to became a qualified Software Developer.

IT Specializations

Today to say I'm IT guy is an understatement. It's like saying that you are a doctor. C# developer is as different specialization from database specialist as Surgeon differ from Cardiologist.

Did you know that job offer portals lists more than 150 IT positions? Even "simplified" version looks a bit ... complex.

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We are her to help you

In order to help you understand how various positions differ from each other and where should you start your IT journey we have prepared a set of free webinars & materials which will guide you and teach you all necessary skills to start get your first job in IT .

Learn real skills

What we will cover in Webinar ?

  1. Most common IT paths and salaries
  2. Where to start / which path to choose?
  3. Programming basics lesson:
    • variables
    • functions
    • loops
    • conditions
    • inputs

During our webinars we will present a step by step paths and help you learn all necessary skills to start your career in IT as a developer.

We will show you sample path and differnces between them:

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And once you choose your path, we will guide you step by step teaching you each and every skill required in your career

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