Wikipedia article page

Experimental project created by the community of MDB

"Wikipedia article page" by Marta Wierzbicka


The world's most popular online encyclopedia recreated in Material Design 2.0 using MDB 5.

The project includes a home page with typical, advanced eCommerce navigation (double navbar + sidenav) and multiple media containers for presenting products.

Live demo & source code

From the creator, about the project:

Marta Wierzbicka

Creating a Wikipedia article page on MDB was pleasant and straightforward, but required attention to a lot of detail.

Wikipedia is a simple, visually raw project, focused on the transfer of knowledge. By using MDB, I was able to reflect these features of Wikipedia in my project, thereby giving it a contemporary, light, transparent style characteristic of MDB.

The main elements of MDB that I used in this project were extensive navigation, diverse typography, tables, tooltips.