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Top reviews
Drusilla Casillas

In MDB, you probably took care of everything. Icons, charts, gradients, buttons, colors, tables, modals, etc. Everything is rewritten from scratch for Angular, which would probably have to be quite a challenge! I am thankful that you decided to create it <3

Darren Fletcher

At first, I was a bit concerned, cause we all know that packs like this are usually full of bugs. However, I must admit that so far I have found nothing that could spoil my project. Good job team!

Elane Caudle

I used the manual MDB Angular integration guide with ASP.NET. The whole process is very well described and it is a pleasure to do the project when everything is ready. This is the top of the available frameworks

Cassi Krebs

My website is based on a photo presentation, something like Instagram or Pinterest. Lightbox, gallery, shadows, and other components add a fantastic effect to each photo. I don’t think you can find anything better than MDB

Latest reviews
Richie Laryea

Great form component style. Waiting for some stylish design blocks with it

Joshua Moore

It was easy to get started and update as I made progress πŸ™‚

Isabella Fernando

I have made incredible progress thanks to MDB Angular. I look to you often because you have clear documentation that is a pleasure to use.

Milan Havel

Really cool design. I love it!

Amir Zaib

Great product <3

Ravindra Saini

Thank you for your work on the product

Ann Dennerby

Perfect design for me.

Manuel Amoros

Quick development thanks to well organized documentation, and the ability to test code directly on the website

Hussein Wahab

Responds very fast to the support tickets & a rich collection of examples in every component. Great navbar, flexbox, sidenav datattables documentation

Lucien Amour

What I like the most about MDB is the comprehensive documentation and incredible number of components