BrandFlow 3.3.1

  1. General
  2. Fixed bugs
    • When you delete a Push List/Group it is causing an error in the console after publishing the container.
    • When you create a trigger which adds (removes) to (from) Push List/Group and set a condition which fires on page load, it is not working without setting a delay time.
    • Push notifications' views does not count correctly.

BrandFlow 3.3.0

  1. Pricing model changed
    • Previously there was only 3 general plans which you could subscribe to. From now on, the pricing has been split into 3 modules: Automation, Web Push and Analytics. Each of them covers the separate part of BrandFlow and you can extend your account depending on how you are using our software. For example, if you only want to send push notifications to your users there is no need for you to pay for additional Events or Conditions. All you need is extended plan for Web Push. And that's exactly what this update brings to you- flexible pricing plans.

      Info for users with active subscription for BrandFlow PRO

      You don't have to be worried about your current plan. We have migrated your subscriptions to the new pricing model. So if you already have BrandFlow PRO account, you will have Automation PRO and Analytics PRO enabled.

    • The new pricing plans can be found under Profile -> Pricing (direct link:
    • The Profile -> My Account dropdown option has been removed.

BrandFlow 3.2.4

  1. General
    • Duplicating has been fixed and added everywhere so you can duplicate every item on each listing view.
    • Click class condition has been fixed. When element has more classes, each class is checked separately instead of all classes as one string.
  2. Fixed bugs
    • Editing container does not work and Invalid container name error is showing.
    • The Change factor on performance views is showing wrong values.
    • Styles in live preview aren't working.
    • Trigger chips list is displayed vertically on Scoring, Labels and Events list views.
    • Pagination disappears after adding a couple of conditions on Automation/Conditions view.
    • Validation on Param is too strict when creating new condition.
    • Triggers limit error appears to early.
    • You cannot activate a container when someone adds you to it.

BrandFlow 3.2.3

  1. Push notifications -> Lists
    • Added All subscribers info block. The value is changing when specific list is clicked.
    • Previously, when a list had no groups and was clicked, there was no way to go back to the Lists view. It's fixed now.
    • After refresh, opened folders stay opened now.
    • Deleting the list requires the user to publish his container.
  2. Push notifications -> Editor
    • The size of currently selected target group is correctly displayed.
  3. General
    • Preloaders are added in the Push notifications module. Each view displays a loader while the data is loading.

BrandFlow 3.2.2

  1. Push notifications -> Performance
    • In the previous versions, there were only clicks displayed on the chart. From now on, you can switch the chart so you can see also views and CTR on the timeline.
    • In the table, the Views column is now displaying the actual number of notification views. Previously, it was the number of successfully sent notifications. The difference may be significant in the cases where, for instance, your user subscribes for push notifications on some browser and then he starts using another one. In a such situation, he will never see the notification although it will be sent successfully.
  2. Push notifications -> Lists
    • There is a new column named CTR in the listing table. It displays the total rate on the Lists and Groups level.