University of North Carolina Wilmington

We are glad to accounce the beggining of our cooperation with the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Thanks to the combined effort of our team and Dr. Ron Vetter - Associate Provost for Research, we have managed to agree on providing our licenses for the students participating in UNCW Hackathon.

About the university

The University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship nurtures emerging companies and works to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in southeastern North Carolina.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a vibrant and creative hub where the members of the business community join UNCW faculty and students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Through events, opportunities, research, and education, we are building a large community of entrepreneurs.

MDB Bootstrap will empower student innovation at the UNCW Hackathon.

UNCW in figures

  • - 54 majors
  • - 4 doctoral degrees
  • - 29 master's degrees
  • - 52,260+ alumni

Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

We are glad to announce, that after a fruitful communication with Prof. Dr. Michael Gröschel, Mannheim University is now officially a part of our ongoing MDB Academy program.

In terms of professional development, that is a great chance to bring new values into the life of both students and MDB team members.

About the university

With a history of over 100 years, Hochschule Mannheim University sees its primary mission as the training highly-qualified, responsible, independently-minded and critical graduates who are able to present, discuss and implement solutions.

Mannheim University was also one of the first in Germany to give Computer Science academic status by introducing the first course for this scientific discipline back in 1974.

The Bachelor and Master courses on offer in Mannheim concentrate on software development in the field of practical and applied computer technology.

Students, who graduate as fully experienced engineers, have the chance to go through up-to-date degree programs of highest quality.

The University's outlook is global, by its active promotion of international, scientific and cultural exchange between students.

It's degree programs increasingly focus on the demands and opportunities of the international community.

The Hochschule Mannheim in figures

  • - 9 Departments
  • - 23 Bachelor and 10 Master Degree Programmes
  • - 160 Professors
  • - 180 Instructors from industry
  • - 115 Scientific technicians
  • - 1050 winter and 700 summer semester places
  • - Over 5000 students, including 550 foreign


With the beginning of Fabuary, 2017 MDB is finally in partnership relations with ZenRays technologies - technology training company, specializing in providing its students with up-to-date courses regarding most popular programming technologies represented by Mr. Sumit Kumar Kohli.

We see a major potential in making MDB Academy tutorials and resources part of ZenRays teaching program.

About the organization

ZenRays is a technology training and consulting firm founded by IITians and Industry experts with headquartered in Bangalore - the hub of Information Technology in Asia. The company aims to build a global IT talent pool with rigorously trained experts as per industry standards.

At ZenRays learning is always hands on with focus on practical. After learning by rigorous coding, each student get a chance to work on live industry projects. This helps students to learn and experience practical software development.

This training helps students in any job environment or create their own applications without any external assistance.

Since inception, ZenRays's team has trained several multinational companies worldwide, consulting firms in various IT domains ranging from E-commerce, UI Development, Social Networking to Corporate Consulting.

ZenRays in figures

  • - 20 courses
  • - 50 industry experienced intructors
  • - 50 000 trained professionals
  • - 20 partnership companies